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Wireless Presentation Systems

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  1. Barco Clickshare CX-20 Set
    MPN: R9861512EU
    €2,582.61 €2,099.68
    Only 1 left!
  2. Barco Clickshare CX-50 Set
    MPN: R9861522EU
    €3,967.01 €3,225.21
    Only 1 left!
  3. Barco Clickshare CX-30 Set
    MPN: R9861513EU
    €3,157.41 €2,567.00
    Only 5 left!
  4. Barco Tray + 2 Buttons
    MPN: R9861500P01
    €379.64 €308.65
    Only 5 left!
  5. Barco Clickshare CS-100 Button
    MPN: R9861510EU
    €1,119.90 €910.49
    Only 10 left!
  6. BenQ InstaShow WDC10C - Wireless video/audio extender - 802.11ac
    MPN: 9H.JLD78.N3E
    €1,567.44 €1,274.34
    Only 3 left!
  7. Barco Clickshare CSE-200 Butto
    MPN: R9861520EU
    €1,756.81 €1,428.30
    Only 1 left!
  8. Barco CLICKSHARE CSE-800
    MPN: R9861580EU
    €4,331.31 €3,521.39
    Only 1 left!
  9. Acer CastMaster WPS1 wireless presentation system Desktop
    MPN: MC.40511.00N
    €1,278.73 €1,039.62
    Out of Stock
  10. BenQ InstaShow Button Kit - Wireless video/audio extender - 802.11ac - up to 8 m
    MPN: 5J.JF828.E60
    €396.80 €322.60
    Only 1 left!
Set Descending Direction

14 Items

per page